Plant pots

Carolin loves the garden, as I do too.  I do not find I have much time to spend in it though and my aspirations are routinely frustrated by the fact that we are renting and cannot truly create the garden I would like.

I do find it quite photogenic at times though, so here are three photos that I have put on Flickr over the last couple of years.

Doing large amounts of nothing in the evening sun.
This one is a few years old. I took it one summer’s evening, whilst relaxing at the table that I had refurbished.  I look at it fondly now because there was still grass on the lawn.  A severe drought last summer saw off much of the lawn.  The soil is not particularly fertile so re-growing will be challenging, but I will consider it again this autumn.  Carolin has made a habit of having small plant pots with various different plants around and about in the garden, which makes it interesting. Particularly as it is not unusual for me to suddenly discover something I have not seen before.
Summer Flower
This flower is actually in a pot, on a wooden ‘table’ at the foot of the small hill leading up towards the fence.  I do not know what flower it is but I like it a lot.
Plant pots
This collection of plant pots sits near the back door, in view of my usual spot at the garden table. The setting sun plays nicely upon the various greens.  Very satisfying to behold.

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