Lakeside Station

This photograph was taken at Lakeside Station, in the Dandenong Ranges.  It is one of the main termini of the Puffing Billy tourist railway that runs along the route of an old agricultural narrow gauge line.

I am fascinated by railway tracks.  If you were to look at my “Faves” on Flickr, you would see that many of them feature railway tracks and more of them that do are tracks without a locomotive than with.

I have tried to work out why and am never sure I have reached a conclusion.  Perhaps it relates to the opportunity to move on and move forward to somewhere else, which has been a habit of mine over the years, but perhaps the tracks offer the security of a set direction, rather than roads, which can allow you to follow a myriad of different routes.  Trains do not have to be steered after all, it’s just a matter of starting and stopping at the correct points.  It may be as simple as the accessibility of something that was ‘hidden’ in London where I grew up.  Even though our town had an overground BR line, as well as our ‘Underground’ station actually being elevated on a bridge, the tracks were always fenced off and trespassing was, sensibly, discouraged.

I have fond memories of watching the trains from the bridge with Mum when I was quite young and being chuffed (see what I did there?) when the drivers would wave or blast the horn.


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