Treasured instruments


This shot contains a few of my treasured possessions.  In the background is my Sigma Acoustic Guitar, purchased for my 21st birthday by my mother, back in the 90s.  I play it regularly and love it. I traipsed around Denmark Street in London looking for the right guitar and I chose well.

In the middle foreground is my all-tube, 1W practice amp.  It has a nice tone for an amp so small, especially if played in our wooden floored, open living area, where it sounds much bigger than 1W.  I intend to hook-it up to an external cabinet sometime, to see how it sounds coming out of something other than an 8″ speaker.  I picked it up second hand at a local music shop a few years back.

In the foreground is my Telecaster/Nocaster.  This was a lucky find when I was in the market for an electric guitar at the end of my medical degree as a little reward to myself.  I was on the verge of buying a new Fender ’52 reissue, when I found this gem in a Cash Converters store for a fraction of the price.  It plays very comfortably, although I am sure the sound could probably be improved with different pick ups.  I have no idea what brand the guitar is, but it has always been about the sound rather than the brand for me.

I have been playing the guitar for almost 30 years. It is one of the few constants in life, given how readily I drift from hobby to hobby, or interest to interest.  I could be a lot better, given how long I have played, but I have rarely dedicated myself to study or persistent practice, preferring fun and playing with a smile on my face.

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