Periodically, I travel to Gippsland for work. I dislike leaving the family during these shifts, although I am never away for more than four nights at a time, but I relish coming to this part of the world to work with valued colleagues and to meet interesting people. The rich landscapes of Gippsland are another bonus.

When the Bunyip fires occurred in March, the Princes Highway was closed for a few days, so I had to find an alternative route home. This turned out to be a bonus because it put me on to a new route that costs me very little in terms of time but is altogether more interesting than the freeway that I previously used. The new route, from Koo Wee Rup to Longwarry consists of long straights, with occasional slight changes in direction, and nearly no traffic. I can make good progress along the road and pretty much always complete a safe overtake if I do encounter a large goods vehicle.  As I go, I enjoy the countryside, the little homesteads or agricultural buildings and the occasional town or hamlet. At some point, I should really break the journey to photograph some of these sites, but I am either on my way to work or in a hurry to get home so I tend to keep going.

To occupy myself between work duties down here, I have taken to roaming the local area looking for interesting things, to my eye, to photograph. This weekend, I have brought my Canon with me. I replaced the Canon with a Fujifilm XE-3 last September, because I wanted a mirrorless camera that was lighter and more convenient to carry with me. Despite it’s great reviews, very practical control system and lightweight package, albeit with interchangeable lenses, I am not completely satisfied with it, as regular correspondents or visitors to my Flickr site will attest. I find it extremely difficult to express exactly here my disaffection lies and I have no doubt there is a degree of full-frame envy, but also a passion of Canon colour science. So, this weekend, the plan is to see what I can do taking side-by-side shots with the Canon and the Fujifilm. This will hopefully help me understand where the difference is and maybe what causes it. I will also then decide, once and for all, whether to dispense with the XE-3, or certainly the lenses, and go for the Canon mirrorless options

Meanwhile, I also have my Nikon FE here and will try to complete my roll of Provia.

Yesterday evening, I was late out of work and so nearly missed sunset. I only had time for a couple of shots with the Canon. Here is one, via Flickr.

Sunset skies//

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