As the sun sets

(Edit 20/4/2020): Another image that fell victim to my Flickr cleanout…..

Carolin, Joshua and I went down to Canadian Bay a few weeks ago and watched the sunset over Port Phillip Bay.

The sun is setting on our time living Mount Eliza, Victoria, after 8 1/2 years renting in the same place. The children have lived here over half their lives and they were still quite little when we moved in, after a year in Frankston South. Although it was not our house, it has been a lovely home and our landlords have been superb.

We are not moving far from here, but we are excited at the next step, in our own home, in a beautiful village. Exciting times.

Continuing the saga of my indecision around cameras, I have started to experiment with some camera profiles that I bought online. They attempt to replicate the colour science of other cameras. This image, taken with my Fujifilm, has a colour profile of a Canon EOS 1DS mk3. Allegedly. I wouldn’t know how to test it, but I just see it as a palette of options to help me try to recreate the images as I saw it on the day.

I’ll leave you with my favourite sunset quote:

“I lay awake all night wondering where the sun had gone, then it dawned on me”.

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