Black and White

I shot my first ever roll of black and white film in 2018, using the Minolta camera I had purchased. I love black and white images, although I do recognise the observation made by many that we see our world in colour, so why strip that way in a photograph?

I think my fondness for BW stems from studying some of the greatest photos in history, which are very often in black and white. Removing the colour allows one to get the detail of the shot.

At the same time, I find black and white digital can be jarring and almost too vivid. With my XE-3, I find I can creates reasonably pleasing BW images, using the Acros film emulation and adding some subtle grain, but digital never looks as pleasing as film to my eye.

Until recently, that roll of film was the only one I had exposed. As of today, I have two more completed films read and will try to develop at least one of them at home. Another first for me.

This image, from my first roll, is far from technically perfect. The pole in the background is testament to may lazy composition and the focus at a large aperture is just slightly off. But, I love it. I love Carolin’s expression, the hat and the scarf. In my defence, where composition is concerned, I have to be quick with getting the image, before she becomes self-conscious and there is no question of ‘staging’ the image.

 Carolin, Waratah Bay, 2018

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