Fujinon 27mm Prime

I have three lenses for my X-E3, an 18mm prime, 27mm prime and 18 – 55 zoom. All three are pretty good and the 27mm and 18 – 55 are ridiculous in terms of amazing quality at reasonable prices. The 18mm is a little less impressive and I find I rarely use it nowadays.

The 27mm cost me less than $100, with a cashback offer that ran at the time I purchased it. It is very much my go to lens. As a pancake lens, it’s makes the camera very portable indeed. It even fits in some coat pockets. Much like the camera, it is more lens than I am capable of fully using at my skill level.

COVID has somewhat curtailed my photography, as I feel as though I have captured as much local material as I want to at the moment and stopping whilst going to and from work is not really in the spirit of the lockdown, even for a quick photograph. At the same time, I have mostly caught up on the archive of images from the last few years.

I do still take the camera out on dog walks and occasionally get a nice image. The 27mm is always a strong performer.

Willow Watches

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