2021 is underway after what was, for us, a whirlwind Christmas that came and went extremely quickly. Between the Port Fairy trip and now, I had four days off around Christmas and otherwise just odd days here and there. I have made the most of many of those days, sailing or fishing with the boys and going for walks with Carolin, but work has certainly built up and been quite pressured.

I’m quite good these days at using my time-off as well as possible. Over the last couple of weekends on-call, I’ve used the down time in between duties to get out with the camera and pleasingly, the local air ambulance has obliged by flying on these occasions. The first two images are from a fortnight or so ago, as the helicopter returned from the city. I am quite pleased with them. Click through to see more info on Flickr, such as camera settings etc.

Transitioning into the hover
Final approach

In general, it is rare to see something particularly interesting at Traralgon airfield I’m afraid. Unlike Tyabb, where all sorts of curiosities will fly in and out on occasion. A nice silver twin did pop in once last year, it looked like some sort of Beechcraft immediate post-war machine. There are some good looking helicopters here at the DWELP base, ready for fires that thankfully have not occurred yet, but I can’t get photos of them as they are behind fences. The aircraft below did amuse me though. It’s anti-theft system probably can’t be beaten.

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