East Gippsland

We are well into the second half of 2021 and the world seems very far from getting on top of the COVID pandemic. Despite the wealth in Australia, states are locking down with case numbers that would be a dream to many other countries. This can largely be attributed to a national vaccination rate < 10% at the time of writing. Even in countries with high rates of first-dose vaccination, case numbers are in the 000s with the delta variant proving to be quite virulent. I certainly don’t think I saw it going on this long, but in reality the lessons from the 1918/19 influenza pandemic were there.

For me, 2021 has been busy and rewarding on many levels. Samuel is well established at Uni, Joshua is coming to the end of his schooling. Carolin is underway with her hypnotherapy business and I have had some work related changes that have been extremely positive and satisfying, whilst also challenging. Outside of work, I continue to make some progress with projects that I have wanted to commence for a while, including learning to play the piano which is a wonderful hobby. Clearly, this blog has not received much love, for reasons that I cannot really explain. The parallel process that I intended when I commenced the blog, which was a podcast, is an idea that I return to intermittently but have not put high enough on the list to really make progress on. Maybe it will come.

Carolin and I are currently away on a short break and whilst the latest lockdown precludes us from roaming more than 5km from our accomodation, it is a nice 10km radius to explore and the photography opportunities have been amazing. Looking for a way to showcase some of the images, I suddenly remember that I have this site, so here we go.

I really cannot praise the Fujifilm system enough. I use a variety of lenses, including these two and the 18 – 55mm zoom. I sometimes put my old Minolta 50mm prime and 28mm prime, via an adaptor but I find I rarely use the Fujinon 18mm prime these days.

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