We have been in this house for just over two years and we love it. Since moving in, we have been looking at different options for renovations and how we might like to put our own slant on it. The plans have chopped and changed a few times, but by not rushing in to it we have at least managed to decide on the best changes for us.

This winter, we got started with an excellent builder, Craig and his colleague Corey. They’ve been fantastic and we’d highly recommend them.

The first phase has involved removing the metal garage doors and replacing them with double-glazed windows, as well as having a sliding ‘barn door’ fitted near the kitchenette at the back of the garage. Joshua has now moved down to live in the small room we have down there and the dogs reside with him (most of the time). With the windows, it feels more homely, quieter and warmer.

We then moved the entrance of the house from the north side, via the balcony, to the south ‘uphill’ side. There had been a huge amount of foliage and some unusable steps there, which have been replaced with a lovely wooden walk way to the new front door.

The next phase, starting this week, is to replace the balcony. Some retaining walls are being done on the boundary between our block and our neighbour’s, which are technically interesting but dull to photograph. The old balcony is already gone, so we have to be careful not to step out the old front door!

The final part of the project, after the balcony, should be completed by Christmas and will be amazing! Watch this space.

New steps and windows
Missing balcony

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