1920s Krauss Piano

Back in April or May, I started to take piano lessons. Something I have wanted to do for a long while, but had somehow not got around to. Back in 2016, Carolin had purchased a second-hand electric piano off of Gumtree and I had set about half-heartedly trying to teach myself. This did not go well as I did not commit to regular schedule, nor was I prepared to start at the beginning. Each time, I simply tried to teach myself songs I knew from guitar.

I found a fantastic teacher via an online advertisement am working through the foundations. Jill chooses a nice range of pieces and provides excellent instruction. I have learnt some bluesy, honky-tonk type pieces which I love, as well as studying some more classical pieces.

I practice every day that I can and Carolin has started to play again since I had lessons. We decided that given we are both committed to it and enjoy it so immensely, that we would purchase a proper piano, rather than the electronic one.

Years ago, I had looked into buying and had found adverts on eBay for a piano tuner and restorer in Carrum Downs. I did not take the plunge at that time, but when we decided now to buy, I got back onto Google and tracked him down. Len Watterson is a fourth generation piano tuner and his son Douglas is the fifth. After a few telephone conversations, Carolin and I arranged to visit his workshop and try out a few pianos. When I walked into the workshop, I almost wanted to apply for a position as an apprentice. It is an Aladdin’s Cave of vintage pianos in various states of restoration. Seeing a Chicago piano stripped down, with the hammers out, was fascinating. Len had selected four trial instruments based upon our discussions and demonstrated them, before leaving us to our devices. One was from Dresden, two from Berlin and one from Stuttgart. We spent a good while playing a variety of songs on each piano until eventually settling for this beautiful instrument from Stuttgart, Carolin’s home city. It was built in the 1920s and was carefully delivered to our house on Monday.

It is absolutely beautiful to play, listen to and look at. We are overjoyed with it and play it multiple times each day. Although we don’t know much about its heritage and life over the last century, it is quite wonderful to have it in our possession now to play our songs on and enjoy. I get quite sentimental and emotional about music in general and this piano has already found its way into my heart.

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