Classic Cars

Carolin and I spent a couple of nights in Inverloch this week, which was my first visit and thoroughly enjoyable. The weather was mixed, the evenings being particularly nice but the days a little mixed. Victoria is currently in the midst of a rainy spell. I flew the drone, extending my confidence in windy conditions, but sadly something was not quite correct with the camera and despite strong composition, the image quality was poor with lots of moire and colour fringing that was irrecoverable in post.

During our first day there, a collection of classic cars drove into town. The highlight for me was two E-type Jaguars, accompanied by two Porsche 911s, an Austin Healey and a Jaguar XJS. I was pleased to have the Fujifilm with me and got a few images that were vastly more satisfying than the drone ones.

Jaguar E-Type
Jaguar XJS
Austin Healey

I am a huge fan of Porsche 911s, but curiously the two from this contingent parked somewhere else and I did not see them again.

It is written in various places that classic cars, when chosen well, are a sensible investment. I currently do not have a garage for one, I lack almost any mechanical or automotive knowledge and have little in the way of panel beating skills. Therefore, it does not seem as though a classic car is a sensible investment for me, however much I sometimes yearn for one. For the time being, I will content myself with Gran Turismo on the PS4, where one of my favourite steeds is actually the E-Type. I particularly enjoy trying to master the Goodwood Circuit in it.

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