This morning, Carolin and I attended a fascinating tour organised by the local Landcare group, of a 5 acre block belonging to a member. We toured the property, which he has turned into a bushland paradise, assisted with some weeding and planting and then had lunch. The vegetarian sausages at the BBQ were out of this world.

Although we do not have a 5 acre block, Carolin has worked hard in the garden to create habitat for native wildlife and to replant predominantly with natives. It is always a pleasure to see one of our wild Blue Tongues basking around the property and yesterday, I noticed what I think is a native “Teddy Bear Bee” in the mulch. Currently, the bottle brush is home to some very busy Wattle Birds and visiting Lorikeets.

With all the building, there is plenty of spare earth around, a new slope and an area that needs remedial work. I am now contemplating what we can do with this opportunity to further enhance our garden and attract more creatures.

Blue Tongued Lizard
Blue Tongued Lizard
I think this is a native teddy bear bee. A solitary creature, living in burrows. Uses vibration to release pollen that then sticks to its body for transport. Not a producer of honey.
Lorikeet feeding
Lorikeet again. The Wattle Bird is tricky to photograph, it tends to absent itself relatively promptly when we pass by
A stripped flower next to a fuller one
Cushion bush with the bottle brush debris around it

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